Crawl Space Repair in Winter Garden

Your house’s value will decrease when you have foundation problems in the Winter Garden area, and it can also undermine the safety of your house. In-house structural engineers at Winter Garden Foundation Repair can help design, install, and service the right foundation repair solution for your foundation repair needs. Feel at ease knowing that we will provide superior foundation repair services to you in a timely fashion. We provide a wide array of quality foundation repair services to help you build the strongest and most stable foundation possible for your home.

I have a lot of experience with waterproofing crawl spaces on the inside as well as outside so that the system will withstand any weather. Waterproofing outside your home involves excavating the dirt around the perimeter and applying a high-tech moisture barrier to your crawl space walls which results in a special dimple board that keeps water away from the crawl space walls. If you have the preference of not having your appointments performed in your home, you may want to consider the option offered by this service provider. We are here to help. Our representatives are standing by to give you a free consultation.

How We Can Help!

Our foundation repair company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and based in Winter Garden, Florida. In addition to our wide range of services, we also provide:

● Crawl Space Waterproofing
● Crawl Space Encapsulation
● Crawl Space Strengthening
● And More Crawl Space Repair Services!

Feel free to call us today for a no-cost quote on all of our crawl space repair services.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

You can rely on Winter Garden Foundation Repair to keep moisture out of your crawl space when you turn to us for help waterproofing it. Through crawl space encapsulation, we can combat moisture issues in the crawl space from all angles, ensuring that you receive the top-quality results you deserve. By using a vapor barrier, we can protect your crawl space for a long time. The crawl space moisture problems will disappear for good with our assistance.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Under its simplest form, crawlspace encapsulation is the use of a polyethylene barrier to cover all surfaces of your crawlspace. Floor joists, wall studs, support columns, and the floor forms the framework. A sealant is applied in all joints between the plastic sheets to prevent water from getting into the living area above.

Crawl Space Strengthening

Crawl space repair is our specialty! Our crawl space strengthening team will work with you to design an economical solution. Each crawl space strengthening solution that we provide is tailor-made for your property. Our crawl space strengthening solutions will meet your needs, whether you have a wet crawl space, sagging floors, or condensate problem.

You can call us at 407-584-8633 to schedule your free crawl space repair estimate. Upon visiting your property, our contractors will discuss the crawl space repair or drainage services and repair options with you. Get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to inform you of our services.